Building Resilience in tourism

Hotel Resilient helps you to learn and master resilience and sustainability for your hotel.

Your partner in making transformation to crisis and climate resilience, low emissions and social responsibility a reality.


Science-based measurement for monitoring and tracking progress on resilience and sustainability targets, based on globally-aligned standards and best practices across the industry.


Online platform to understand risks from different threats, and practical tools to strengthen capacity of hotels for becoming more crisis resilient, climate friendly, environmentally and socially responsible.


Review program to connect hotels with our responsible travel partners, tour operators and insurance industry, allowing hotels to showcase their resilience and sustainability achievements and reach a wider market.

Why we do what we do

We help hotels become more resilient.Hotels everywhere face the virtual certainty of experiencing the impacts of climate change, pandemics (such as the COVID-19 pandemic), natural disasters, power outages, cybersecurity breaches, and terrorist attacks. If a hotel is not resilient, it may struggle to recover from such events and may even go out of business. To be sustainable, hotels must also consider the long-term impacts of their operations on the environment, social equity, and economic development

Hotel Resilient can help hotels manage these impacts and ensure that they can continue to operate in a way that benefits both their business and their stakeholders. We provide support through accessible and science-based assessment of impacts, and guidance towards implementing internationally-endorsed resilience and sustainability standards, investments and innovations.

About Us

Our Services

Hotel Resilient provides a range of consultancy services to support hotels, destinations and tourism organizations around the world:

  • Catastrophe risk modelling – Assessment of damage and loss potential to tourism infrastructure from multiple perils.
  • Climate risk and resiliency assessments – including TCFD-compliant reporting for future climate scenarios.
  • Risk management and disaster preparedness – risk management strategies and business continuity plans for multiple threats.
  • Destination resilience planning – measuring, monitoring and evaluation of resilience and sustainability performance.
  • Training and capacity building – presence and remote training on a range of topics on tourism and hospitality resilience.
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